Who May Join as a Professional

Who is a Service Provider?

Anyone who can do a specific task, job, activity, project, etc, and get paid for it can be a Service Provider at BizConSA. It can be a gardener, nanny, mechanic, tutor, engineer, plumber, bricklayer, consultant, etc.

Why Be a Service Provider at BizConSA?

You can earn more money, there are people who always need certain jobs or tasks done and for that, they need your skill, but they don’t know where to find you or if you are reliable. At BizConSA you have the opportunity to build and expand your reputation, our features will help your clients to gain more confidence in you or your business

Join BizConSA as a Service Provider / Professional (Pro)

Start your own business

Start your own side hustle

Be an employer

Work at your own hours

Grow your existing business

Reach more and new clients

Let clients come to you

Let people know you or your business exist

Let people know about your skill


The earlier you signup as a Pro, the earlier you can start reaching more clients and let your business start growing.

Examples of service providers that may join, may be individuals or businesses, as long as there’s a skill or experience to perform the service.

Barbers Gardeners
Bookkeepers Hair Stylists
Bricklayers House cleaners
CAD Designers Inspectors
Carpenters IT specialists
Caters Machinists
Chefs Makeup artists
Chirographers Mechanics
Clothes designers Modellers
Coaches Movers
Consultants Musicians
Dentists Nannies
DJs Nurses
Doctors Photographers
Drivers Plumbers
DSTV installers Software developers
Electricians Solar installers
Engineers Tailors
Entertainers Teachers
Event Planners Trainers
Financial advisors Tutors
Florists Yoga instructors
Freelancers Etc.